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Valium is one of the most popular drugs of the class of benzodiazepine. It is prescribed when a patient has the following symptoms:

  • anxiety;
  • alcohol withdrawal;
  • seizures;
  • muscle spasms and weakness.

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About What Precautions One Should Know Before Treatment

Precautions concerning Valium include a number of factors that you should always inform your doctor about, they are:

  • allergic reactions to any of active elements;
  • diseases of kidney and liver;
  • breathing disorders;
  • mental illnesses;
  • strong alcohol or drug addiction.

Taking the medicine at a period of pregnancy may harm your unborn child. It is also prohibited for moms who are at the period of breast feeding, as the elements of the medicine may be brought to a child with milk. Overdosing and longer courses than it is needed may cause an addiction.

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Average Doses and Rules of Taking

Your dosages and a course length have to be regulated by a doctor. Even if you start feeling better, never stop treating by a sudden, it may only make the symptoms stronger. At the cases of anxiety, the average dose varies from 2 to 10mg, maximum 4 times per day. It varies depending from how strong your symptoms are. To ease symptoms of alcohol withdrawal doctors usually prescribe to take 10mg in the first 24 hours.

Side Effects

Self treatment and ignoring of a prescription may cause a long range of harmful side effects, here are some which are the most common:

  • behavior changes, unusual thoughts and hallucinations;
  • hyperactivity;
  • trembling;
  • problems with coordination;
  • drowsiness.

If the following symptoms occur and are not gone in a short period of time, you must call you doctor for a consultation.

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